Creditors' Rights / Bankruptcy & Insolvency in Ottawa

The rate of change in business accelerates each year and both new and established enterprises are often confronted by shifts in the marketplace arising out of global trade, NAFTA, regulatory changes and the rapid emergence of new competition. These forces have caused even well-established enterprises to fail and equally have led to the insolvency of many entrepreneurs and individuals.

When you find yourself confronted by a problem relating to an insolvency, whether your own, that of your business, or someone else's it is critically important to know your legal rights, recognize your options and act in a timely manner, to protect your position. The creditors' rights/bankruptcy and insolvency team at Gibsons LLP has the ability to find solutions in even the most challenging debtor-creditor situations.

When you encounter a problem, or foresee one, we encourage you to contact us. The best solutions come from early action.

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