Private Commercial Arbitrator in Ottawa

It is recognized that the high cost and extensive delays associated with litigation give all parties, in a dispute, good reason to consider alternatives. The lawyers at Gibsons LLP have garnered extensive experience with the often preferred alternative of Commercial Private Arbitrations.

Commercial Private Arbitrations encompass a number of different forums and processes which can be employed to resolve a dispute, without resorting to traditional litigation. These alternatives include Arbitration; where an arbitrator is selected, by the parties, with the authority to make findings of fact and to render a legal decision that is binding on the parties and Mediation which, unlike the former, does not entitle the mediator to make binding determinations on the parties. In the case of Mediation, the role of the mediator is to help the parties identify and examine alternatives which will lead to a mutually satisfactory resolution in the dispute.

A number of the Commercial Private Arbitrations which have been handled by the lawyers of Gibsons LLP have involved lengthy complex environmental remediation arbitrations.